Hurghada Property

 Pronounced “Ghardaga” in Egyptian tongue, it once was no more than a simple fishing village… Inevitably, its crystal clear waters and rich, plentiful marine life have recently transformed Hurghada into one of the most popular tourist, and expatriate community, destinations in Egypt. Its diverse, modernized development within a serene setting of natural wonders, guarantee a dream vacation for people from all walks of life.
Hundreds of different local hotels, and those belonging to well-known international chains, offer room and board to suite all tastes and budgets. The town centre’s bazaars, restaurants and lively atmosphere offer an appetizing snapshot of some aspects of typical Egyptian life while countless bars and internationally acclaimed night clubs can entertain you through to the next morning. Further inland lays the vast Eastern Desert with its breathtaking, multicolored sands and mountains and when its time to cool of from the Desert heat, or seek year-round, sunny warmth, the colorful Red Sea awaits you…
 Virtually any activity that takes place in or above the water can be relished in Hurghada! It is usually windy enough at sea for sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing; recreational fishing is plentiful; swimming is always a pleasure; and, above all, snorkeling and diving are never ending. From simple off-shore dives to exotic Islands, the Red Sea is bustling with multi- colored coral reefs and dense underwater gardens that are filled with truly countless specimens of underwater marine life. For those seeking a less active time by the sea, beautiful sandy beaches and chlorinated swimming pools are plentiful while various yachts and glass-bottom boats are available for rent and ticketed excursions.




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