Azzurra Sahl Hasheesh - 3 Bedroom Apartment

 Azzurra offers its guests an exclusive opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and rediscover the zest for life. Set alongside world famous white sand and palm-fringed beaches and overlooking the " Jewel of the Red Sea" Azzurra is the perfect place for relaxation and recreation. This gated community resort is ideal for individuals, couples or families. It offers an oasis of cascading swimming pools, lazy trickling steams and scenic valley trails. and for children, there's an exciting array of safe and secure playgrounds to choose from. Surrounded by one of the region's top golf courses, Azzurra is a tranquil green heaven for those in need of an escape from the bustle of modern living. "You do not understand the heart of the Bedouin, if you do not spend a week with him in the desert"

 The most important thing in the desert it is to know how to make a fire, to cook a tea on it and to bake a bread. Any Bedouin will always have a handful of flour and a little water to bake a bread. We throw it straight into the fire, in the ashes, and after 10 minutes we get the most delicious bread in the world.

PROPERTY TYPE: 3 bedroom apartment
DETAILS: 3rd floor, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, benefits from perfect location and amazing pool and sea view, roof terrace, common: parking area, green area, swimming pool;  semi furnished: AC and build in waedrobes in all rooms, kitchen unit.
PRICE FOR SALE: 304 200 $
mob.: +201094987543
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