South Marina El Gouna - 2 Bedroom Duplex

  2 bedroom duplex for short term rent.  Located in the heart of El Gouna between Marina and Downtown within walking distance from the city center and all infrastructure of El Gouna.
  This versatile enclosed gated complex consists of 11 modern Nubian villas and 16 blocks of different types apartments with spacious balconies, several pools and green areas, terrace, access to the swimming pool and beach.
  The hallmark of the Project is a combination of traditional but yet modern Nubian architecture with verandas, wooden pergolas, and domed ceilings. Each two blocks of apartments have a pool (130 cu.mts). The main entrance to this exclusive and sophisticated residential complex will have a private access from a side road, and the shape of the whole project reminds of the famous Italian gardens, with alleys, green areas, and water (pools).

"You do not understand the heart of the Bedouin, if you do not spend a week with him in the desert"

 The most important thing in the desert it is to know how to make a fire, to cook a tea on it and to bake a bread. Any Bedouin will always have a handful of flour and a little water to bake a bread. We throw it straight into the fire, in the ashes, and after 10 minutes we get the most delicious bread in the world.

PROPERTY TYPE: 2 bedroom apartment
DETAILS: 2 floors apartment, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, patio with excess to the pool, pool view terrace – first floor, duplex is fully furnished, inc. AC, kitchen is fully equipped, privat phone.
PRICE FOR RENT: 900 EURO per week
NOTE: short term (weekly only)
mob.: +201094987543
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