Scarab club Apartments

 Unique place, first-rate compound, fashioned out of a unique living and habitation concept and offering a plush organic lifestyle, it’s experience of totally luxury in the safety and individuality of a completely private environment.  The compound is laid out like a small oriental city, with every modern living requirement taken care of. 
 The Scarab Club is a generous mosaic of design and quality, pulsing with positive energy. It is truly a place where everything one deems impossible becomes possible. Life here is gratifying symphony. It is simple pleasure of life, and the extraordinary. That is why the Scarab Club appeals to all the senses.
 The architecture is modern reinterpretation of traditional Arabic elements, offering an almost unlimited framework for individual design. All apartments feature luxurious facilities and amenities made with highest quality material, stunning views of the pools and private outdoor space that is shielded from public view.
"You do not understand the heart of the Bedouin, if you do not spend a week with him in the desert"
The most important thing in the desert it is to know how to make a fire, to cook a tea on it and to bake bread. Any Bedouin will always have a handful of flour and a little water to bake bread. We throw it straight into the fire, in the ashes, and after 10 minutes we get the most delicious bread in the world.

PROPERTY TYPE: studio - 1 or 2 bedrooms and townhouses
PROPERTY SIZE: 57.2 - 288.4 square meters
PRICE: starting from 111,000 $
FINANCIAL PLAN: 30% down payment, 70% in 2 years installment
mob.: +201094987543
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