Marsa Alam Property Featured

 Marsa Alam is a town in south-eastern Egypt on the west coast of the Red Sea. Twenty years ago Marsa Alam was a small fishing village, but has grown into one of the top Red Sea destination. The region’s beautiful beaches and its' virgin coral reefs are set to make it a prime holiday spot. It has already gained a strong reputation amongst divers due to its numerous diving sites both along the coast and offshore.
 It is currently seeing fast increasing popularity as a tourist destination and development since the opening of the international airport in 2001.
 The international airport, just 30 minutes from the centre of Marsa Alam, has made it easy to access holidays in this part of Egypt.
 Marsa Alam is a place for the perfect winter or summer holiday; a place wherethe sun always shines and its crystal clear waters of the world's warmest sea shimmer to the backdrop of white sands, palm trees and mangroves.
 Discover Marsa Alam before the crowds discover it!




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