El-Gouna Property Featured

A self-contained town on the beautiful Red Sea coast, El Gouna offers an unrivaled lifestyle!
Built on 10 km of beach, the town of 10,000 multinational residents spreads across islands and interconnected lagoons.
Boasting superb infrastructure, unique architecture and excellent services, all residents and visitors of its 14 different-sized hotels are guaranteed to be swept away by its harmony and aesthetically unified setting that maintains the feel of a sandy desert by the sea that is spotted with varying greenery. 
Activities and entertainment options range from a multitude of water, and wind-powered  sports to daily, complimentary live performances to breathtaking marinas to a winery as well as a very rich variety of restaurants, shops and lively bars and night spots.
Designed from world renowned architects, El Gouna offers everything from exclusive private villas to cozy apartments in the heart of the town. All properties are waterfront and feature a variety of architectural styles, sizes an location.
If you are looking for a comfortable vacation home or a long term stay in a scenic place with beautiful nature and yet with benefits of civilization, El Gouna is the right choice.